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Buckle up! I’m not kidding!

Monday, March 14th, 2011

I bet this won’t surprise you….but somehow, I managed to NOT prepare my heart for my baby getting her driver’s license! I’ve been innocently minding my own business (assisting two older children do all sorts of grown-up things) and all the while my little baby was growing up too! Not fair! πŸ˜‰

On Friday, she and the official taker of all Galloway children to get their license DAD boogied on up to the DMV to take the BIG TEST!! Inside my head I knew this was big….but honestly, my heart just wasn’t prepared! How can this be? She’s just a punk still. Right?

Oh time! What have you done with MY BABY? I suppose I have to let go of that dream that she’ll always stay with me. But I’m not doing it happily! πŸ™‚

Both Saturday and Sunday she got in a little practice time. She’s not had ANY driving experience until now. I wonder if that’s how it is in other families? The youngest just has to wait….while the older ones do everything? We really had fun out on the roads (ok, some of it a bit scary!) while she got the feel of being behind the wheel. She’s getting the hang of it…..but my heart may never!


I love this crazy girl…