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Dog Sitting Super Bowl

Monday, February 6th, 2012

I’ve had a great weekend, what about you? I did a bunch of nothing mixed in with a lot of puppy duty! It’s only fair that the grandparents get a little time with their grand-dog right? Gavin has a life (who knew) outside of caring for his new pet, Gracie! That’s the way it is with college kids. When opportunities arise to party–they take em!

It wasn’t that big of a deal except for the fact that my very kind neighbor cleaned out her fridge and threw all the rotten food outside into her front yard. Nice, huh? Of course the new puppy ran right over to feast upon its goodness and then barfed it all over my kitchen floor. Even nicer! This was the start of our very guarded dog-sitting duty! We spent the rest of the weekend screaming our heads off if Gracie even looked in that direction. Also, watching as every single dog in our neighborhood came over for some yum-tum stomach destroyer!

Ahh, neighbors! I love em! 😉

I can’t complain about much more (believe it or not) because the NEW YORK GIANTS came to town and beat the Patriots! It was a close game and at the end….my stomach started to hurt as if I’d sampled the neighbors yard buffet myself! It was nerve wracking! Oh, but they pulled it off. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….if #18 couldn’t play at least his baby brother could!

That was my weekend. I didn’t even put on a swipe of makeup the entire time. I wore sweats, cooked good food, chased that dang dog and cleaned the kitchen 67 times. It was perfect!

I’m ready to do it again….only it’s Monday!