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Practice What You Preach

Friday, January 24th, 2014

self controlI saw the strange charge on her account but couldn't reach her to ask her about it.  What alarmed me was that her account was $87 dollars in the negative.  Quickly, I transferred a $100 dollars to her account because that's what parents of college punks do. 

Save them.

Or ourselves from paying tons of fees later.

I forgot about the whole ordeal until my hubby mentioned talking with our youngest daughter about the charge.  The story was murky and didn't make any sense to him but he accepted it as being "handled".  I decided to discuss it with her and what I heard from the other end of the phone was almost unbelievable.  My girl, scammed.  My smart girl fell for a "supplement" trick?  How?  She knows better.

I wish I could say that I handled it like a trooper.  Perhaps I did handle it like a trooper, a state patrol trooper who'd just caught a serious bad guy doing serious bad guy stuff. 

I overreacted.

I was full-on harsh!  I didn't realize it until I heard her tears through the phone.  I hurt her with going on and on, the questions and the lack of understanding.  I did exactly the opposite of what I had JUST ENCOURAGED OTHER'S to do on Facebook –>

~~You will never regret saying something nice to someone.

 Go quick….pay someone a compliment right now!

Oh yea, that's what I said but didn't do for my already roughed up and embarrassed kid.  As a mom, I hold the power to build up or tear down (my kids).  Sadly, I make huge errors as I react to mistakes or flubs and I hate that about myself.  We made peace before hanging up but I know how something like that sticks with you.  My frustration will probably affect her throughout her day.  I regret missing the chance to handle it gracefully.

Isn't it ironic how we can say one thing and do another?