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Practice What You Preach

Friday, January 24th, 2014

self controlI saw the strange charge on her account but couldn't reach her to ask her about it.  What alarmed me was that her account was $87 dollars in the negative.  Quickly, I transferred a $100 dollars to her account because that's what parents of college punks do. 

Save them.

Or ourselves from paying tons of fees later.

I forgot about the whole ordeal until my hubby mentioned talking with our youngest daughter about the charge.  The story was murky and didn't make any sense to him but he accepted it as being "handled".  I decided to discuss it with her and what I heard from the other end of the phone was almost unbelievable.  My girl, scammed.  My smart girl fell for a "supplement" trick?  How?  She knows better.

I wish I could say that I handled it like a trooper.  Perhaps I did handle it like a trooper, a state patrol trooper who'd just caught a serious bad guy doing serious bad guy stuff. 

I overreacted.

I was full-on harsh!  I didn't realize it until I heard her tears through the phone.  I hurt her with going on and on, the questions and the lack of understanding.  I did exactly the opposite of what I had JUST ENCOURAGED OTHER'S to do on Facebook –>

~~You will never regret saying something nice to someone.

 Go quick….pay someone a compliment right now!

Oh yea, that's what I said but didn't do for my already roughed up and embarrassed kid.  As a mom, I hold the power to build up or tear down (my kids).  Sadly, I make huge errors as I react to mistakes or flubs and I hate that about myself.  We made peace before hanging up but I know how something like that sticks with you.  My frustration will probably affect her throughout her day.  I regret missing the chance to handle it gracefully.

Isn't it ironic how we can say one thing and do another?



Yea, I’m ticked!

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Oh I try! I really try, ya’ll! I try very hard to always honor God with my posts here on this blog-o-mine. But today, I’m really angry! I’m super frustrated…..and since I have my own little space of ranting here….I’m doing just that! So, please…. if you are easily offended, or if you find me rude, ungrateful or just bitter—please forgive me in advance. I really am a nice person and I would do just about anything to help another person out. Really, I would. But, I’m going to do a bit of ranting here…and I’m going to address it to the one’s that matter in the situation.

Look away if you feel it necessary! I won’t mind!

Dear Starbucks,

I love your coffee! I get so excited whenever I see your green logo sign anywhere, anytime of the day. My heart goes pitter-patter at just the thought of one of your yummy drinks or baked goodies. I’m also the mother of 3 teenagers that love your “stuff” as does my husband. So if you’re a smart marketing type company (like obviously you are) then you realize that my one little ole family of five can drop a lotta ole bucks down at one of your storefronts with one tiny visit! What does all that mean? That when I stop and shop with you……I spend a chunk of moola$!$!

For the last few weeks, the big buzz out in the world of bloggers, Facebook and the like has been about July 21st “Free Pastry Day”! We were so excited! We joined the Facebook group and shared the good news with all of our friends. We made big plans to be at Starbucks on the morning of July 21st come rain or shine! It was a big deal! Even though it was JUST a pastry, for goodness sakes! It’s not like you were giving away a $5 dollar Frappi! It was a stinking scone or danish that maxed out cost less than $2 bucks! So….come on! We were set! More reason for us to love you, dear Starbuck friends. More reason!

This morning, my two teen daughter’s and I drove over an hour into the big city of Indianapolis to the airport (one of my girls had a flight to catch) with coupon dreams in our oversized purses to redeem upon our arrival. This was also going to be “breakfast”! When we stepped up to order our $5 drinks and free pastry…..the sweet barista behind the counter told us that they were NOT honoring that offer. Huh? What? Where exactly was that little small print message? Oh….it was nowhere that’s where! So there we stood….HUNGRY and EMBARRASSED!!!! Why you ask? Because, we looked like the pathetic ones! As if we were begging for free food at the airport! How dare us!

So very smart of you, Starbucks! Because my girls wanted their drinks and their food. I bought it! You are fantastic marketing guru’s! I felt really aggrevated after all that anticipation and planning. Then, I felt like you stuck it to me, Starbucks! Yea, I know it was “free” food (which is a GIFT). Duh! I know that! It’s the way it was all hyped up to be this big deal for Starbuck’s lover’s. That was such a scam! It felt like trickery! I’m a bit more than just frustrated! I’m bordering back and forth on bitterness really! You stink!

Today, I spent over $15 in your store. But you can bet your sweet biffy… was my last! I’m over you, Starbucks….I mean Scambucks!

I don’t HEART you anymore!



Wanda Galloway

Ps. I’m telling all of my BFF’s about my distaste for you and what a let-down your offer was. Boo hiss, Sbucks!