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Nutella is my Kryptonite

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

I was warned! Friends, people who “pretended” to care if I grew 2 or 3 dress sizes, and strangers alike! All of them said, “Don’t do it!….you’ll get hooked!”.

The problem?

I kept forgetting to look for the stuff when I went to the grocery store! So, honestly…..I had my freedom! Until, Gates and I were grocery shopping the other day and I “happened” upon it in the PB section. Hmm, Nutella?!! I’ve really been curious about you! The choices were a small jar for $3 something or a larger one for almost $6 bucks! I threw caution to the wind and went for it…..sure that the large jar would last FOREVER!!!

Oh yes!

Word is out on the street! I’m addicted like a junkie is to drugs! I literally have to walk away from the jar and WILL MYSELF to stay away from it. IT IS DELICIOUS!!!! Gavin and Gates love it too! Ok? It’s not just me eating up this jar! I have OTHER innocent people animals gorging out on it too!

All I can say is…..someone keep it away from me. I’m powerless against it! Nutella–YOU OWN ME!!!