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Apart From Christ

Saturday, November 12th, 2016

In my neighborhood yesterday…a few twerps thought it would be a great idea to drive around flying the rebel flag outside their truck while hollering at people of different color/race.


On tv…the news continues to show the many rallies/riots/protests of the people who are angry and upset over the election results.


All over social media…friends, acquaintances, people I don’t know, buzz-feeds, news groups, professional post’ers, do-good’ers and the like are posting every little tid-bit of information that represents how they feel about the current status of America and all it’s latest Presidential conundrums.


I got caught up in it myself. I reacted to a post that a friend linked up and before you know it, I was in the middle of a huge discussion. I realized pretty quickly there was no winning and honestly, who really thinks they are going to win anyone over to their way of thinking regarding any of this political nonsense?

That’s not happening.

What we see happening here is a giant case of this world needs CHRIST. Which is ironic because in my friends post God was brought up. Something like, “I bet God is super proud right now!” I cannot speak for the writers true intent there but in my own understanding – I would like to agree with the frustration. Even though I don’t believe we have the exact same sentiment going here.

How could God be super proud of the things happening all across this nation that involve hurting one another and destroying a society that wants to literally SELF IMPLODE?

I’m no expert, but I am a person with half-a-brain and a whole banged up beaten down heart! I can see the ugliness for what it is, evil. Now, don’t get me wrong. I bet there are plenty of people upset over the election that mean zero harm to anyone or anything. Not every protester is a criminal or terrorist raking American streets trying to prove a point that can never be made. The ones who are taking it to the next level are the people I’m focusing on in this post.

You are wrong.

Your message is completely off target now. If your intention was to LOVINGLY & PEACEFULLY engage the country in a march to show unity for supporting the Democratic candidate…you’ve now gone screeching the other way. Breaking laws to show your anger, wrong. Hurting others to prove your candidate was the better choice, wrong. Damaging property, wrong. Blocking people inside their vehicles, wrong.

Cry in public, be sad. There’s nothing wrong with showing your emotions or your disappointment. Don’t wreck the world we live in because you disagree. It’s wrong. It’s counter-productive and it’s only making you look like the ones filled with hate.

lord fight

I can only tell you what I know about this life and living it in accordance with Christ. My life isn’t an after-thought with God. He purposefully gave His perfect life for my very flawed and messy one. He took my sin and threw it as far as the eye can see because I accepted Him as my Savior. I’m a new creature, not a perfect one but a NEW ONE. I live out each day with the assurance that what I do or don’t do, God still loves me and is willing to forgive me and make me new…over & over & over again. All because, I ask with a repentant heart. I’m His and not mine alone.

I can trust Him with the things of this world that I cannot understand or that I even disagree with. He is on the throne, reigning High and ready & willing to do immeasurable wonders….if we only ask.

So, for those of you beating the streets with your anger and pain. Turn to Him, don’t turn to violence or rage. Your feelings are real to you and they matter to God. Stop finger-pointing and screaming hate. Wrangle up your energy in a way that helps you and those around you, not in a way that makes you look out of your minds and definitely neglectful of heart. Nothing is going to change the outcome of our next President. That decision has been made by a free society who chose to make their voices roar within the legal democracy of our nation.

I ask you to remember that your family and mine are not any different today than they were on Monday night. We still have full power over each experience, way of thinking, family decision and lifestyle. Cling tightly to what it is that makes your family yours. My prayer is that it would include the love and acceptance of a Holy God and His Perfect Son, Jesus Christ.

Because, apart from Christ….we are nothing.

cs lew