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Cuttin’ Ties

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

I grew up in the south.  I know what racism looks like.  I've seen it up close & personal.  It's evil and it hurts!  I don't like it and I never have.  What's happening to Paula Deen right now is downright ridiculous!  The more companies that speak up about dropping her from their businesses the madder I seem to get.


If you're a tax dollar paying adult who shops and spends money on the things that you like and want then you should be able to decide if you're going to blow your money on stuff that has a certain name on it.  I'm big enough and smart enough to know how and where I want to spend my money.  Aren't you?  Do you need Walmart, Target or the Food Network to help you decide?  Or Barbara Walters?

It's this sort of ridiculous behavior that reminds me how important it is to stick close to the side of right.  The world is full of hate and the saddest thing about that is it wants you and me to believe that what they spread is truth.  When in fact, it's bull hockey that is either blown out of proportion (like the Paula Deen garb) or it's just another ploy to keep the hate mongering going in our world.

I happened to catch a piece of the George Zimmerman trial this morning and heard the testimony of Trayvon Martin's friend, Rachel Jeantel.  In her explanation of their cell phone conversation she told the court that (he said) when she asked who was following him , "a creepy A _ _ cracker!".  The lawyer asked her about that statement being a racist comment and she denied it as being offensive.  Every time the comment is repeated Ms. Jeantel clearly has a hard time keeping herself from cracking up outloud (yea, it's real funny). The smirky smile still shines through and I wonder….how does this double standard make sense?

I don't know about you….but I'm not playing along.  I'm not fooled by the junk being forced down my throat.  The racist card is being twisted and misused by so many and they are getting away with it.  I can't say whether George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin in cold blood.  What I can say is that he was beat up pretty badly.  The media has made the case about race.  The ones who are hurt by what has happened to their child have spoken out about it as an issue of race.  So, what are we to believe?

If you're a creepy A _ _ cracker….I'll let you decide.  Just like I'll let you decide where you'll spend your money.  For me, I won't be handing mine over quite so easily to companies who yank people like Paula Deen (WHO HAS APOLOGIZED more than once) and then leave filthy rappers like Lil Wayne who spew hate and stomp on American flags on their shelves.

I have the freedom to cut my ties too!