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Why Do You Hate Christians?

Monday, January 21st, 2019

This is a hard post for me to write. For the most part, I tend to sit idly by and let others think or feel just how they want to without sticking up for what I know or believe as truth when it comes to Christianity. That’s on me. I will have to answer for it.

I believe those who chronically spew hate for Christians do it because God is irrelevant to them. He isn’t important or holy or worthy of their time. If I were to ask a person who posts mean articles about faith on social media (and believe me, I see them all day long from friends or acquaintances) if they read the Bible or pray (and I mean actually study God’s Word and pray for wisdom), I can almost bet the answer is, no. So, my question here is why do you hate Christians?

I know what the blanket answer will be or at least a few of them anyway:

1. Christians hate gays.
2. Christians judge people.
3. Christians are liars.
4. Christians think they are better than others.
5. Christians hurt people.
6. Christians don’t help people or care about them.

While I could throw down the gauntlet here and say these statements are just an attempt to disparage any who love Jesus, I won’t. I won’t because there are many who have mistakenly done those very things and called themselves Christian. Christians don’t always get it right and let me tell you the first to pounce on them are those who want to scream the loudest. They are a tool in the hands of satan.

We have somehow bought into this idea that for you and me to get along or live side-by-side we have to agree on one another’s beliefs or lifestyles or even political affiliation. It’s not up to me how you live your life, it’s up to me how I will live my own. I don’t owe you anything but love and whether or not you choose to follow Christ, I will stick with the direction given to me by Jesus – to love one another. That has nothing to do with agreeing.

Waking up this morning after more than a week of the media droning on and on about all the ways Christians are hateful….I could not sit quiet about it any longer. It is turning into a blaring car horn of ignorance! I am a Christian. I don’t hate you or anyone else because of your lifestyle, life choices, race or religion. Why would I? What does that change? How does that help?

I pray for my friends or family that see my faith as a form of hate. I’m sorry if I’ve ever misplaced who Jesus is in my life and made Him out to be anything but loving or forgiving. I assure you, that is not my Lord. He is loving, He is forgiving, He is merciful and He loves every breathing human. He cares about me and He cares about you. I hope that somehow, someway…you will see the true love of God from the Christian people in your midst. Until then, I pray away the hate and the glee that seems to be growing in our society, tv news and on social media. My faith is real to me and never has it pointed me in a direction of hate towards any other person.

So, I ask again….why do you hate Christians?

Lord Jesus,

Help me to live in such a way that those who don’t know you or understand you would want to meet you and see for themselves what all the hype is about. You are a God worth loving and not even the loudest banging gong of our society can change that.


Sort Em Out

Thursday, September 6th, 2018

I went to bed last night and thought I’d watch some late night tv before falling asleep. Impossible. Every channel the theme is the same, hate the President…his family & the entire White House. Hate them to the nth degree.

I clicked it off. (oooo the power of the clicker)

This morning, I turned on the morning shows and once again…the popular kids were spinning the same wheel of hate just in case I needed some more in my heart since the midnight hour.

It’s only right that I use what bothers me to LOOK INSIDE MY OWN HEART and to clean up any self-righteousness, anger or hate I might be oozing out onto others myself.

If all I do is bang a gong of self-righteousness, who’s going to listen?

If all I do is spew hate and offer no solution, who cares?

If all I do is scream obscenities, throw drinks in the faces of people who I disagree with (uhh, I don’t do that) or trash the streets, who will ever take me seriously?

So, here I am again…looking inside of me. What is there [God] that doesn’t belong? How do I show love when all I see around me is hate? I know I cannot be who God needs me to be when I’m no different than the world. I ran across a sign the other day that says, “Love them all, I’ll sort em out later. God!”

Simple, to the point and as theologically correct as I’ve ever thought a meme could be.

I never thought I’d ask for a hate clean out but I think I might need one. Teach me your ways and remind me when I’m looking to the world for answers to look to you instead.

If You Are Voting For So & So, I Will Attack You With My Words

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

The closer we get to election day, the meaner we seem to become as voters. Frankly, I’m over it. I don’t click on any links posted on social media. Not the Christian ones and certainly not the hate-filled, mudslinging ones either. They all say the same things and they all want to do exactly what they are doing, cause more division and ugliness.

To which I say….

say hush

No amount of arguing back and forth is going to make any of this better. The opinions are so ramped up and the cruelty coming from people who seemed to be level-headed or nice folks or even “friends” has turned full on vengeful.

What has happened to us?

I’m sorry, but….I’m not interested in slapping each others faces with hurtful words over the election of one or the other Presidential candidates. Both have tremendous faults. Both have much to be disgusted over. Both are pathetic choices. Fighting over why we’re voting for one or the other isn’t helping any of us become better people. Matter of fact, I’ve seen more hate on social media and heard more vitriol from people who I thought were decent humans than I care to admit.

I love America. I love my country. I love politics. But, this election has felt like a sucker punch to the face from the get-go. I’m discouraged, I’m disgusted and I’m just trying to make it through the next few weeks.

say it

Maybe you’ve been on the receiving end of someone’s attacks over who you’re voting for, eye-opening…huh? It doesn’t feel good to be shouted down or to be “put in your place” by another. That’s why I just can’t even bother. The rudeness and the hate have worn me down.

I don’t want to argue over Hillary or Donald. So, don’t come at me with your opinion. It won’t be welcomed here. You do you. I’ll do me. And we’ll all be okay. Keep your very educated and researched opinion to yourself.

And for God’s sake, stop beating up on anyone who doesn’t agree with you. It’s not your job! I’ll leave you with a few important questions:

Are you satisfied with your behavior during this election season? When it’s all over (and trust me, it is almost over) will you be able to hold your head high knowing that what you’ve said to or about other people is honorable in the eyes of God?

When the votes are tallied and the winner announced….we still have to live together and sit beside one anther at church, games and the grocery store. Keep watch over your words & actions. While God has given us freedom to use our voices, there will always be consequences for what we say.

say eph

Women, Be Nice

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016


I don’t know too many chicks (in this world) that haven’t experienced mean girls.

Mean girls make life miserable. In school, work and in every crevice of life. It’s like they hold some sort of banked up power and they know how to wield it over the less brazen of us. If you’ve ever been tormented by a mean girl and her posse then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Mean girls smell fear. They usually pounce on the weakest little lamb and until someone intervenes or shuts them down they keep their focus solely on whatever victim they can dominate.

Mean girls love attention. Most of what a mean girl does in the form of torture to other girls is done for the attention of others. They are looking for anyone to catapult them to a higher level and ripping apart those weaker than them is a great way to elevate themselves.

Mean girls grow up. That’s right, they grow up and many times just turn into mean women. You know the kind….they play up to you, compete with you and talk about you behind your back. They may even be outright mean to your face!

Mean girls are never truly happy. I’ve said it before that hurting people hurt people. I’ve done my share of lashing out at people I love when I’m sad, mad, hormonal or hangry. It’s not completely the same but close. Unhappy people want to make other people unhappy.

Mean girls run in packs. Rarely is there a mean girl who reigns all by herself. She gets a lot of her power from her posse. Think back to school days, remember the gang?

Mean girls are created like you and me. The difference? Somewhere along the way, someone misled them into thinking that treating others like junk was acceptable. Then, as life carried them along…..NO ONE bothered to step in and put a lid on their bad behavior therefore creating the mean girl monster that solidified who they are.

So, why am I saying all this?

Because I want to remind women everywhere (all 7 of you reading) that being mean isn’t necessary. Neither is taking junk from meanies. If you find yourself in a circle of catty or snarky gals – find new friends. Women who mistreat other women are not friends you need or should associate with.

Oh and if you’re unable to come up with any mean girl friends….you might be one. How can you know?

Do you consider yourself a part of a clique?

Is your friend group exclusive? If so, that’s clique-ish. Avoid only hanging with certain friends. Instead be the kind of friend that says, “There YOU are!” when in the company of others instead of “Who’s that?”. (whisper whisper)

Do you struggle with envy? Most mean girls are very jealous in nature. If you find yourself always feeling jealous of other women, you might need to focus in on why. I like what Beth Moore says, “I’m not interested in competing with anyone – I hope WE ALL WIN!”.

Are you “appearance” focused? Do you pick your friends based on how they look or what they have to offer you? That’s a sure sign of something superficial inside you or me. Not everyone has the glam or cash to look fabulous – that doesn’t equal great friend either. Choose to see what GOD SEES in the people in your life. You’ll be surprised who your besties will be.

Do you find yourself in friendship troubles? If you’re avoiding a “good” friend or not speaking with someone….why? Is it you? Is it them? Is it chronic? There might be a problem and that problem may be you. Be a friend that loves at all times. (NOTE: Not a punching bag. Just a loyal kind of friend)

Does it give you a boost when you gossip about other women? Nobody ever looks good trying to make someone else look bad. It’s a sure way to tell if you’re a meanie. Listen to your own talk. Is it hateful? Is it full of criticism? Make a pact with yourself to only use PUT UPS and when you slip and use a put down, offer 2 put ups for every 1 put down. Got it?


PD – Liza has a terrible personality!

PU – Liza is always willing to help out, no matter the job.
PU – Liza is a great friend and listens to my venting.

After practicing positive speaking, it becomes a good habit. Try it.

And last, Do you have issues with control? Most mean girls want to run the show. If that’s you, uh-ho! Knock it off. Step back, let someone else have input. You’re only making yourself seem pushy or bossy. Back off and listen more than speak.

It’s time to bee a friend that’s known for being nice, helpful and accepting. The world doesn’t need anymore mean girls or women.

Am I right?

good friends

Cuttin’ Ties

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

I grew up in the south.  I know what racism looks like.  I've seen it up close & personal.  It's evil and it hurts!  I don't like it and I never have.  What's happening to Paula Deen right now is downright ridiculous!  The more companies that speak up about dropping her from their businesses the madder I seem to get.


If you're a tax dollar paying adult who shops and spends money on the things that you like and want then you should be able to decide if you're going to blow your money on stuff that has a certain name on it.  I'm big enough and smart enough to know how and where I want to spend my money.  Aren't you?  Do you need Walmart, Target or the Food Network to help you decide?  Or Barbara Walters?

It's this sort of ridiculous behavior that reminds me how important it is to stick close to the side of right.  The world is full of hate and the saddest thing about that is it wants you and me to believe that what they spread is truth.  When in fact, it's bull hockey that is either blown out of proportion (like the Paula Deen garb) or it's just another ploy to keep the hate mongering going in our world.

I happened to catch a piece of the George Zimmerman trial this morning and heard the testimony of Trayvon Martin's friend, Rachel Jeantel.  In her explanation of their cell phone conversation she told the court that (he said) when she asked who was following him , "a creepy A _ _ cracker!".  The lawyer asked her about that statement being a racist comment and she denied it as being offensive.  Every time the comment is repeated Ms. Jeantel clearly has a hard time keeping herself from cracking up outloud (yea, it's real funny). The smirky smile still shines through and I wonder….how does this double standard make sense?

I don't know about you….but I'm not playing along.  I'm not fooled by the junk being forced down my throat.  The racist card is being twisted and misused by so many and they are getting away with it.  I can't say whether George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin in cold blood.  What I can say is that he was beat up pretty badly.  The media has made the case about race.  The ones who are hurt by what has happened to their child have spoken out about it as an issue of race.  So, what are we to believe?

If you're a creepy A _ _ cracker….I'll let you decide.  Just like I'll let you decide where you'll spend your money.  For me, I won't be handing mine over quite so easily to companies who yank people like Paula Deen (WHO HAS APOLOGIZED more than once) and then leave filthy rappers like Lil Wayne who spew hate and stomp on American flags on their shelves.

I have the freedom to cut my ties too!