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If You Are Voting For So & So, I Will Attack You With My Words

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

The closer we get to election day, the meaner we seem to become as voters. Frankly, I’m over it. I don’t click on any links posted on social media. Not the Christian ones and certainly not the hate-filled, mudslinging ones either. They all say the same things and they all want to do exactly what they are doing, cause more division and ugliness.

To which I say….

say hush

No amount of arguing back and forth is going to make any of this better. The opinions are so ramped up and the cruelty coming from people who seemed to be level-headed or nice folks or even “friends” has turned full on vengeful.

What has happened to us?

I’m sorry, but….I’m not interested in slapping each others faces with hurtful words over the election of one or the other Presidential candidates. Both have tremendous faults. Both have much to be disgusted over. Both are pathetic choices. Fighting over why we’re voting for one or the other isn’t helping any of us become better people. Matter of fact, I’ve seen more hate on social media and heard more vitriol from people who I thought were decent humans than I care to admit.

I love America. I love my country. I love politics. But, this election has felt like a sucker punch to the face from the get-go. I’m discouraged, I’m disgusted and I’m just trying to make it through the next few weeks.

say it

Maybe you’ve been on the receiving end of someone’s attacks over who you’re voting for, eye-opening…huh? It doesn’t feel good to be shouted down or to be “put in your place” by another. That’s why I just can’t even bother. The rudeness and the hate have worn me down.

I don’t want to argue over Hillary or Donald. So, don’t come at me with your opinion. It won’t be welcomed here. You do you. I’ll do me. And we’ll all be okay. Keep your very educated and researched opinion to yourself.

And for God’s sake, stop beating up on anyone who doesn’t agree with you. It’s not your job! I’ll leave you with a few important questions:

Are you satisfied with your behavior during this election season? When it’s all over (and trust me, it is almost over) will you be able to hold your head high knowing that what you’ve said to or about other people is honorable in the eyes of God?

When the votes are tallied and the winner announced….we still have to live together and sit beside one anther at church, games and the grocery store. Keep watch over your words & actions. While God has given us freedom to use our voices, there will always be consequences for what we say.

say eph

Dirty Hearted

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

I went to bed mad at everybody last night (and I’m not proud of it!). Why do families hurt each other so easily? It seems like I’m the target of teasing every night at the dinner table. Maybe it’s just the age my kids are right now, they can find a million reasons to make fun of me or criticize. It doesn’t help that I pretty much throw myself upon the sacrificial teasing table!

I’m an easy target! 🙁

It worries me that I’ve raised mean people. Sometimes, the snarky comments cut right to the bone. It’s a bad habit that I wish none of us ever started. I think we need a NICENESS INTERVENTION!

Psalm 51:10 “Create in me a pure heart O God and renew a right spirit within me”.

Today is a new day, right? So, I’m CHOOSING JOY! I’m not going to play the game of smart comments and sarcasm. Even little ones can sting!

Ephesians 4:29 “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who need it”.

Maybe you can relate to my situation today. The world is full of rotten behavior. As you see, even inside Christian homes. I like to think my family has a healthy fear of the Lord and respect for HIS righteousness in their lives. But even so, we fall short (especially when it comes to treating each other with love and respect). Our time together on this earth is limited. Why not use it to show one another the genuine love we feel instead of wounding with our careless words!?!

I’m sorry for my careless words. I don’t want to hurt anyone with what comes out of my mouth. I’m guilty more often than I’d care to admit. I realize that what pours out of me is directly linked to my heart. Help me, make me more like YOU!