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Our last hoorah!

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Every summer we end our freedom with a trip to Cincinnati for The Beach Waterpark. It’s our way of saying SUMMER ROCKED!! Even if the reality is that our summer sucked! We like to force ourselves to believing that we live the high life even if we’re just scraping by. 🙂

During the month of June is usually when I buy the tickets. Our local radio station hosts a once-a-month auction where they discount items to be sold in a jiffy.

Yes, I’m #587 and I can dial in a New York minute quick! Especially for some cheap tickets to a waterpark or a $10 giftcard to a coffee shop! Woohoo! I’m all about the bargain, people! Ok, I’m the original cheapskate lady {sorry Mary Hunt}! It’s for the children….mmmk?

Of course I have photos! I’m even going to let you see me in my fatgirl swimsuit (oh the horror). Enjoy!

And we capped it all off with a great meal at Red Robin! Wow, it was really delicious!

Seriously, summer’s over! Back to school on Thursday….dangit!