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Best Summer Ever

Monday, August 7th, 2017

Today is the official last day of summer break. It’s time to put the swimsuits back in the drawer and to clear my “hanging out schedule” for more serious things like going back to school.

I’ve had a great summer! I can’t remember having a summer this good in a long time. Maybe it’s just an attitude or perspective thing. Either way, I’m diggin’ it!

It’s been a time of growth and change. I think I might be getting the hang of it. Why it’s taken me so long to accept, I don’t know. I’m just grateful to have gotten there.

During this summer, God has done some great things in my life. I never doubted Him, but…. I admit, I have put Him in a box a time or two – constricting His full power over me and all that He wants to do for me. Did you know you can hinder your faith that way?

Don’t misunderstand, God is all-powerful! I can’t stop Him or His goodness, ever. However, I can surely wreck my belief in His power with my DOUBT. I’ve gotten so low before that I’ve thought, “God cannot fix this!”. Or even felt like it was so hopeless that I should just give up and let go!

In all my struggles, I’ve never turned away from God or cursed Him but I’ve fallen so deep into a hole of fear that I’ve literally hindered everything that I know is true and right in my faith.

Ever been there, done that? It’s harsh!

Not this summer. Not the summer that my hubby was over 10 months into an unemployment. Nope. God had all sorts of other plans for me. He does for you too, if you’re willing to go for it.

Every morning, the entire summer….I got up early and went outside with my Bible and journal. Not meaning to, but…. I sat alone with God for hours at a time. I read scripture, I prayed, I sang, I let my mind wander….I got quiet and listened. I stopped letting the world push me around and God had so many sweet lessons for me.

I feel so good about my future.

I have no idea what’s going to happen. I don’t know that I even care to know. I just believe that God is there and He has a perfect plan. I don’t have to know everything.

Trusting God with every little detail isn’t for the faint of heart, I’ll tell ya. I have wasted so many stomach aches and headaches worrying about my life and the lives of the people I love most.

Spending the summer digging into God’s Word has worked like a healing balm for me. I am so thankful for the free time to let God work in my mind & heart. The only negative I’ve felt about school beginning is that my morning routine will have to change and I’m not ready to give up my QUIET TIME with God.

So, I’m going to have to revamp!

After all the messages, the hints…everything over the last year. I know that God wanted ME to really stop and spend time with Him. Because of that, I’ve had the best summer ever!

Wanna see God work in your life? Spend time with Him. Read your Bible. Pray. Listen. Trust. Then, look out!

Last Week Ba-Bee!

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

madea last

Yep, it’s almost over. I work 1 day this week and that’s it! I guess you could say, I live a life of leisure by not actually having to work every day. So, what’s the big deal?

Well, for starters….substitutes have rough days too. Take last Friday for example – it was the end of the day with about 20 minutes left of class when a little turd dude asked with serious anticipation if he could “go to his locker”. I’m rather knowledgeable of tricky kid behaviors and I knew cutting him loose was a GIFT of allowing him to S P L I T for goodsies.

Which he did. (Not fair to the rest of us prisoners stuck there!)

Imagine my surprise when I ran into him Sunday evening at Roselli’s Pizza place (he managed to NOT see me). How funny would it have been for me to say to him “Where have you been? I’m still waiting for you to get back from your locker!”. Oh, so funny! Little delinquent! πŸ˜‰

But, hey…I’m all chill because IT’S THE LAST FEW DAYS OF SCHOOL DUDES! His crimes will catch up with him someday. Trust me.


I was happily cruising down the highway yesterday with my little punk Gates when THIS MONSTER flew in through the sunroof of my car and landed right on my shoulder.


What the ???

Who invited you ?

oh bee

Honestly, I hoped he would fly off. So, I kept driving because I was in traffic and the road I was on is very difficult to get back onto.

Nope. He was along for the ride.

kill it

Here I’m thinking of how to jump out of my car without getting stung when I should have been concerned with causing an accident. Who can think rationally with a big bee on their shoulder guys? Who?

So, there you have it… I’m an Uber driver for bees needing a lift from Zionsville to Whitestown.

He made it, I lived and that sunroof? IS DEAD TO ME!!!

Our last hoorah!

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Every summer we end our freedom with a trip to Cincinnati for The Beach Waterpark. It’s our way of saying SUMMER ROCKED!! Even if the reality is that our summer sucked! We like to force ourselves to believing that we live the high life even if we’re just scraping by. πŸ™‚

During the month of June is usually when I buy the tickets. Our local radio station hosts a once-a-month auction where they discount items to be sold in a jiffy.

Yes, I’m #587 and I can dial in a New York minute quick! Especially for some cheap tickets to a waterpark or a $10 giftcard to a coffee shop! Woohoo! I’m all about the bargain, people! Ok, I’m the original cheapskate lady {sorry Mary Hunt}! It’s for the children….mmmk?

Of course I have photos! I’m even going to let you see me in my fatgirl swimsuit (oh the horror). Enjoy!

And we capped it all off with a great meal at Red Robin! Wow, it was really delicious!

Seriously, summer’s over! Back to school on Thursday….dangit!

Facing forward

Monday, July 12th, 2010

I’ve been pretty content staying home (except for the pity party of having no vacation trip). Summer has been the medicine the doctor would’ve ordered. I’ve loved staying up way too late and sleeping in the next morning. I was meant to be free, people! πŸ™‚

I had this crazy night of insomnia over the weekend though. It was pretty annoying! I like sleep! I’m good at it. But I couldn’t drift off to lala land for all the tea in China. So, I lay there….thinking. Then, it hit me…..OH NO!!! School starts in ONE MONTH!!!

Yea….I definitely have the gift of encouragement! I even cheer me up! NOT!!!

Whatever shall I do? I have to make this summer count for something fun! I have limited time with these kids! Gavin is moving into his first apartment in a month! Whaaa? Why does time fly so fast? We’re still trying to come up with much of what he needs to setup house.

Ally is going into her SENIOR year of high school. My baby Gates is a sophomore for goodness sakes. They’ve already started to ditch me! Gee whiz! I’ve got to make the most of our time together.

Here are some things we have on our WANT TO DO list:

1) The Beach Waterpark (We love this place and go every summer. I have 4 tickets so far. I still need another set of 4 to make it fun!)

2) Atlanta Braves vs. Cincinnati Reds (this is a special game, Mercy Me is performing Aug 1st)

3) Holiday World Splashin Safari (we’ve been invited to go with friends…still trying to save pennies for our tickets)

4) School shop! (what’s that?)

5) Camp/swim/eat in the wild (this is most likely NOT going to happen….we sold our camper a long time ago and hubby is not speaking positively of the tent). πŸ™

6) See Despicable Me. (we rarely go to the theatre…but this looks like a must see!)

I’ll be happy with any of those ideas coming to fruition. Remember, I’ve been SITTING at home all summer? Going to the grocery store is a major deal for me. {LOSER} All I can say is that I’m cherishing these next few weeks. Looking ahead to August makes me want to cry. I love you summer! Stay just a little longer, ok?