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Camp Where There’s NO SIDE OF THE ROAD

Friday, March 23rd, 2018

So, we took our new camper out for a “trial run” camping trip this week. As usual, I scoured the news for weather just to make sure what we were up against should we have a rain or snow event. According to the news, snow was heading smack for us on Wednesday. I raced with my phone evidence to show my hubby and I laid down the law:

I’m not going anywhere pulling that big camper in a snow storm! If we don’t leave on Tuesday to beat the pounding snow, I ain’t going!

He agreed. We planned our trip for Tuesday, right after our dog Ms Lizzy finished up at the doggy parlor. We got up early and started a few important ‘get ready’ chores and dropped Ms L off at the dog salon. Hubby had ordered parts and whatever to change the brake fluid on our car. Great idea, only it took a bit of time to get the job complete.

The whole morning was dark, wettish and very coooooold.

Tick-tock, still waiting for the dog to get finished and the new brake fluid job. I ran around packing up, thinking of everything we might need for a short cold camping trip. I hauled stuff out to the camper, looked for ways to make us comfortable and not to weigh us down too much. We still have no idea how heavy our full load will be when we take off to cross America on our HEALING TOUR! That’s what we’re calling our journey out west. After all these months of what felt like the biggest struggle of our lives, we need some healing & restoration.

So, I loaded….lightly. A few pairs of pants, undies, socks and the minimum bath items we might need. I chose our down jackets and filled the fridge with good meal choices. Pillows, blankets and the last thing I grabbed was a snow shovel.

I really had no idea if we would even use it – so, I asked hubby….DO WE NEED THIS SHOVEL? He moved his head around and I yelled it again. Finally, I could see he was shaking his head YES! By this time, snow flakes are swirling all around us and we are still at home. Not even hooked up to go yet.

It’s so cold out, the dog is still at the salon and we are looking at late afternoon leaving. We don’t have dishes for the camper and need to stop at Target in town to pick up a set that I found online. I’m not really nervous but I am getting a little concerned.

Have I mentioned all my fears of pulling the camper yet?

Well, I’m a big chicken. Blame it on the last year plus of experiences. If it can go wrong (Murphy’s law)….

I’ve imagined us slipping and sliding all over the highway. Crashing, twisting and wrecking our home on wheels over the slightest roadway incident. I mean, come on. Pulling a heavy camper is dangerous! And I have a degree in WORRYING!

Finally, brakes are done, Lizzy is ready and we are hooked to go! It’s snowing. It’s freezing cold, darkish out and off we go!

Imogene pulls like a sweetheart. Everything feels good and safe. I’m riding high feeling good! Hubby’s driving us along as if we’ve been pulling this baby all year. In the busyness of the day, I had not eaten a thing. My stomach was starting to growl and I knew if we stopped we’d be pulling into the campground in the dark.

So, I kept quiet and rode along all the way into Brown County knowing I could cook in just a bit if I sat tight!

Within the 30 minutes it took us to arrive at the state park, the snow was falling hard and fast. As we pulled into the park the winding roads were covered, the trees along the side of the roads were blanketed down with heavy snow. We made it to the campground area and it was solid white. Nothing looked like a camping spot. We could see a few campers here and there but otherwise it was desolate.

My heart started to race, my mind went to work playing an imaginary trip over one of the many hills and us crashing our IMOGENE to her death and my hubby just kept going.

Once we reached a high point….we started sliding down the hill which of course made a sharp left turn at the bottom and we skidded to a very ugly stop. P A N I C time for me! I did everything to keep myself in check but inside I was riding on over the edge with the camper twisted in a horrible mess behind me.

Because HE’S NOT LIKE ME (thank you Jesus), he braked hard and thought it out.

I prayed to Jesus for help.

There was no one there to help us but God. No big trucks. The few campers we had passed didn’t even seem to be at their sites. Then, hubby remembered the snow shovel. There was no way we were going to get up the big hill without some serious shoveling. He tried and Imogene just slithered all over the place and back down the hill.

I admit, I cried a little. Mainly because I had woken up sick that morning with a sinus cold and my right eye running like a faucet. So, it was primed for the tears really.

He jumped back in and hit the gas…. up the hill we went. Slippy slidey!


Again, we slide hard to the right and nothing could push us up that hill. The snow is falling so hard we can barely see what the heck we are doing. More shoveling. Just as fast as he throws snow it falls right back down on this untreated drive. I can’t take it anymore and jump out too.

Standing there in the silent snowfall, I cry out to God for help. I recognize how powerless my hubby must feel and how he doesn’t want to wreck our new rig either. So, I pray for him too.

He shovels and shovels and hops back in and pushes that girl on up the biggest hill in all of Brown County state park.

By the time he makes it to the T O P…. I run after them and hope in too. We still cannot tell where or what are the camp sites. The snow is falling so hard it’s blinding us. He pulls forward to the flattest area he can find and just stops. He gets out and begins shoveling a place to pull into. I get out and start videoing the area and as I turn to the left, I see the road makes a turn there right in front of another camp site.

I say, “Hey….why not pull into this spot (beside the one he just shoveled)?” All he had to do was turn right into the lane and back straight back up into the camp site. He looked it over and agreed, it was perfect!

So, I grabbed the shovel and started clearing the spot for him to back her in!

It worked like a charm! We were backed in, hooked up and settling in — in minutes.

By the time I started dinner, we were in full snow storm mode. It fell hard and heavy but we were warm and safe. Not a scratch on Imogene and not a tow truck call to be had!

We lived to tell. Imogene was warm & cozy. Two good nights of a trial run and I feel much better about the future trekking across America!

We snapped a WE DID IT shot before leaving BC state park…

Because, guys!!!! WE DID IT!!

Road Trip 2 0 1 6

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

ysp 6

Instead of taking off on a romantic anniversary vacation…my hubby and I loaded down our car with camping gear, cameras, hot & cold weather clothing and a bunch of stuff WE MIGHT NEED and hit the open road.

Starting point (Saturday) – Indianapolis, Indiana

Final destination (Wednesday) – Wenatchee, Washington

ysp 7

We had no agenda. Just to go, see and do whatever the heck we wanted to do.

ysp 3

The weather all along the journey was P E R F E C T!

ysp 5

Day 1 we made it to Onawa Iowa and plopped down our tent beside a beautiful lake. No power, no water….but lots of mosquitoes! No problem. I can go without, a little. Just not showers! The campground had a nice shower house that I headed straight for the next morning.

Imagine the irony after my shower when I plugged in my hair dryer and blew the breaker to the whole bathroom. I had to go OUTSIDE and plug in to dry my hair on the porch of the main building. Oh and use my curling iron with no mirror on the porch. I made so many new friends there.

ysp 11

Who can think of doing up a smart hair-do with all these views??

ysp 2

Old Faithful didn’t disappoint. We arrived just in time to have lunch and walk outside to see him blow his stack!

ysp 4

I didn’t get much sleep in Wyoming. I’m blaming it on the fact that we camped in the very last spot where they allow tent camping because of bears. Therefore, I slept with one eye open listening all night long for my impending death by bear attack!

I woke up exhausted!

ysp 10

My dude just snored on through the night.

ysp 1

Yellowstone National Park was fabulous! Beautiful scenery, incredible animals….amazing cool weather. Gorgeous!

We came to the conclusion though that wherever we picked to stop, the crowds seemed to follow. It would get crowded and we would peel out for the next spot!

On our adventure we drove through Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Washington. Oh my word! I can’t wait to do it again! This land is so beautiful!

In the meantime, I am so excited to be in Washington with family. While I’m not thankful for an unemployed husband – I am very grateful for this free time to explore, think, pray and strategize our next step.

Road Trip 2016!! Rolling on, friends!!

Mama Goes Camping

Sunday, June 12th, 2016


When I hang out with these two….I get a double dose of dudemones. They like to do guy stuff: sweat, work, drive fast, chase adventure, throw caution to the wind, pew pew guns, live off the land….manly man things!

hotter than h

And camp. They both love to camp.

I love camping too. However, I have a few requirements and they include things like running water and electricity. This campsite? No to both. πŸ™

Maybe I’m more of a glamper.

mama jeep

Good thing these photos are not scratch and sniff because we stinketh!

jumped in

Lizzy got a little anxious and jumped in the raging river.

We chose a great park right on the Mountain Fork River which is next to Broken Bow Lake – Beavers Bend State Park. I’ve never been to Oklahoma even though it’s merely a few miles away from my hangout in Texas.

Bucket list, check!

beavers bend

10 steps from our picnic table we could step right into this icy little paradise.

fly fish

Throughout our stay the river evolved into many different forms of beautiful. The heat just stayed H O T. We were sweaty and sticky with nowhere to shower off. Like savages! πŸ™‚

river fog

It really was as peaceful as it looks.


Peeking back up at camp from the river. The steady stream rustling through the rocks was the most amazing sound. It almost drowned out the noisy camper neighbors – but not totally. There are rules in most campgrounds about noise, here, not so much. Several guys (who were very friendly guys) stayed up most of the night partying to our right side and on the left a group of ladies honked their Escalade lock button open and closed a million times right beside our tent all night. It was a real bummer. Mixed with the fire hot heat.

Roughing it, y’all. I guess going without wifi is a big deal too. I thought it was cool to leave that behind a while.


Bike riding like champs. A little bit of it uphill. Promised myself to get into shape before I kill myself doing something fun.


There is no camping without a good fire. Hello? S’mores!

river bed

Aren’t the rocks amazing? I had to stop myself from stealing a carload to bring home. I have a thing….about rocks.


I got up bright and early because everyone else in the camperhood was up and packing to go. We had breakfast plans too.

wifi cafe

We should have taken the hint because while we were eating breakfast at the Wifi Cafe the rain started to fall and we had to scramble back to camp and tear everything down. Gavin was in his jeep without a top so he headed home as soon as he could grab a few things.

We stepped into a whole nother level of scummy by this point.

Even the guys were dreaming of a hot shower. Ha!

sacked out

Lizzy did not have any trouble getting comfortable during the night. She slept, sideways on the blowup mattress.

home ag

After she got her bath (yes, she showered too) Lizzy fell asleep and wouldn’t budge.

Gracie too.

gracie out

I think maybe they like GLAMPING too. Hehe!

We had a great time. It was fun new territory and we would love to go back.

Facing forward

Monday, July 12th, 2010

I’ve been pretty content staying home (except for the pity party of having no vacation trip). Summer has been the medicine the doctor would’ve ordered. I’ve loved staying up way too late and sleeping in the next morning. I was meant to be free, people! πŸ™‚

I had this crazy night of insomnia over the weekend though. It was pretty annoying! I like sleep! I’m good at it. But I couldn’t drift off to lala land for all the tea in China. So, I lay there….thinking. Then, it hit me…..OH NO!!! School starts in ONE MONTH!!!

Yea….I definitely have the gift of encouragement! I even cheer me up! NOT!!!

Whatever shall I do? I have to make this summer count for something fun! I have limited time with these kids! Gavin is moving into his first apartment in a month! Whaaa? Why does time fly so fast? We’re still trying to come up with much of what he needs to setup house.

Ally is going into her SENIOR year of high school. My baby Gates is a sophomore for goodness sakes. They’ve already started to ditch me! Gee whiz! I’ve got to make the most of our time together.

Here are some things we have on our WANT TO DO list:

1) The Beach Waterpark (We love this place and go every summer. I have 4 tickets so far. I still need another set of 4 to make it fun!)

2) Atlanta Braves vs. Cincinnati Reds (this is a special game, Mercy Me is performing Aug 1st)

3) Holiday World Splashin Safari (we’ve been invited to go with friends…still trying to save pennies for our tickets)

4) School shop! (what’s that?)

5) Camp/swim/eat in the wild (this is most likely NOT going to happen….we sold our camper a long time ago and hubby is not speaking positively of the tent). πŸ™

6) See Despicable Me. (we rarely go to the theatre…but this looks like a must see!)

I’ll be happy with any of those ideas coming to fruition. Remember, I’ve been SITTING at home all summer? Going to the grocery store is a major deal for me. {LOSER} All I can say is that I’m cherishing these next few weeks. Looking ahead to August makes me want to cry. I love you summer! Stay just a little longer, ok?