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Reality or Not

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Why is there such a fascination in our country to watch reality shows? What does it say about us as people? It seems the edgier the participants of the show the more popular they are. Uhh, hello Jersey Shore! Most of these shows are filled with nudity, heavy drinking and no big deal hooking up! We the cable paying public keep these people going.

Sad, huh?

I’m not trying to be a bonafied fuddy-dud, really. I love to watch tv. Matter of fact, my whole family would rather stay home and hog up tv time than do most anything else. Lame! We like being home and tv is crucial to the mix. I tend to watch the same stuff just not on a regular basis. Reality shows aren’t part of that lineup either. Except, I have been known to watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, New Jersey, & Orange County. Just not regularly.

Yesterday, I read the sad news that a husband from RH of BH committed suicide. The story is so sad. These are real people with real lives and real problems. Maybe we watch them because it’s an escape from our reality. We size up their problems and compare ours to theirs then justify our behavior based on what we see them do. Never have I heard anyone profess Christ on either of the shows or act like they have a relationship with God. Usually it’s just trainwreck petty behaviors riddled with shallowness and snobbery.

But–we watch anyway! 🙁

I’ve broken my own arm patting myself on the back (in my sick self-righteousness) regarding the many raunchy reality shows I DON’T watch. Yea, I’m one of those Miss Goody-Two-Shoes! If I think it’s sleazy and disgusting (Uhh, hello again…Jersey Shore) I refuse to watch it. See how I manipulate my own mind into believing I’m holding onto my holiness? Twisted, that’s me.

This latest sad truth reminds me that parading your life before America can end in tragedy. Families fall apart (mmm, Jon & Kate), privileged children run wild (mmm, Hulk Hogan’s kids), rich girls have no respect for common people (err, Paris & Nicole) and sadly….true love isn’t found in a tv matchmaker series (oh Bachelor/Bachelorette)! Real life doesn’t deserve to be exploited for money.

Tell me….do you think reality shows are harmless? Or am I being too harsh and judgemental?

“Create in me a pure heart O God and renew a right spirit within me” Ps 51:10