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Friday Night Lights

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Oh I bet you're thinking this post is all about football, aren't you? Well, it's not! It's about another kind of Friday night fun. The kind where if you don't spend it doing this…

You can't do that!

Yes, on a week where 5 people are sharing 2 1/2 cars and the work schedules are long and tiring….the roots from H E double hockey sticks managed to block the most important of pipes (the sewer line) coming out of our house.

Let's just say, the poop was not going anywhere that it should have been going. My garage floor doesn't count! But don't worry, after pouring several different bottles of killer this should do it potions down the pipes and renting two different roto rooter machines, we've finally started using the bathroom at home again.

Oh and did I mention that this work was done under cover of night? Like, all night long! The first night of roto rooting was during the week (Thursday) and the only available assistant was Ally! Gavin managed to win Colts game tickets at around 4pm and had to be in Indy by 6pm to pick them up. So, the lucky one who helped her dad while he crawled around in the manhole in the pitch black dark was Ally.

She's worth more than rubies. I'll just tell you that right now. Look out, lucky dude that gets this girl forever. She's a hard worker and a fashion diva all rolled into one.

After working all night (close to midnight) they still hadn't hit whatever blockage was in the way.  Quitting was the only choice.  It was dark, they were tired and the line wasn't long enough to reach whatever was in the way.

The next night (Friday), hubby found a bigger machine to rent but it was an hour and a half away. The drive was one frustration since it was now 6:15pm but having to have it back by 9am the next morning was almost more than I could take (yes, I say myself and I wasn't even the sucker who had to crawl into the sewer all night long doing the dirty work). The job had to be done, so off my caped crusader hubby went!


This is the only photo I could get of them working.  It was very late at this point and they still hadn't reached "contact" with the roots.  To say I felt sorry for them is an understatement.  It had been such a long week already and then to spend it digging around in the sewer lines (please, use your own imagination here) was literally a sucker punch!

I helped out by going to bed!  I fell on my pillow and prayed my head off that "the flood gates would open" and all would be right again in the world of flushing and using water.  I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember is hubby was getting into bed and I jumped up (you know that feeling you get after having surgery and they wake you up–and your mind is consumed with DID THEY GET WHAT THEY WERE GOING IN AFTER?)…and asked, "DID YOU GET IT?"

And, he sighed a big breath of relief and said, "YES!"

So, happy holiday weekend to me!  Happily flushing toilets and doing laundry (again) since Saturday afternoon!  I say afternoon because we had to get our bum's out of bed at the crack of 6:30am to haul that stinky roto rooter back to Home Depot!

Don't hate me because I live the glamorous life!  I can't help it, I've got the world by the tail!

Next hurdle?  Repairing the broken down car that is still in my garage.

My husband is –>

a mechanic, plumber, construction worker, yard man, lumberjack, painter, tiler, window repairman, car detailer, furniture builder, gardener, brick layer, scholar, IT dude, backhoe operator, awesome cook, rockin' dad, super-sonic-salamander hubby and he's my favorite preacher!

Ladies, just try finding a man that can do all that!  HE IS MINE!!!