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Tastes BitterSweet

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

I'm not sure how I feel yet.  Shocked a little, maybe numb?  A mixture of both?

This little cutie is a high school senior!  Officially!  As of last night.  I didn't have a real expectation of any emotions.  Guess I'd psyched myself up!  I mean, come on….it's not like I haven't done this twice already.  I wasn't planning to feel…weird.

I think the news that she would be graduating mid-term is what sealed my fate.  As soon as I looked at her schedule and there was no 2nd semester classes, my heart sank.  Low.  Very low.

How do we celebrate big events (that take them from us) with our kids when it's so painful?

No turning back.  This is how it is and I'm happy & excited for her.  It's time for her to soar and grow into the woman God expects her to be.  She's going to need me (pushing & letting go) all through this year and beyond.  My wish is that I'll do it with grace (even when I want to cry) and that I'll be able to "whoop it up" with her come Christmas!

Goodluck Miss Gates!  I really am so proud of you! XO XO