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Bent Out of Shape

Friday, August 3rd, 2018

I got a little panty in a waddy yesterday. Maybe you do the same thing too, some days. It doesn’t take a whole lot to get me edgy & ridiculous! I swear, God uses my own weak selfishness to lasso my janked up heart back to his.

My flesh.




My hubby, very kindly took Ms Lizzy & me out on an exploration of new territory after dinner. The views were rather spectacular, of course and even though it was Forestry road….things started getting a little s c a r y after taking a wrong road.

You may be gifted with the attribute of mercy when someone takes you down an UNDRIVEABLE road in the middle of darkness all while skirting alongside very high mountains. ME? I AM A HARDCORE SINNER WHO WILL CUT YOU FOR NEARLY KILLING US! I will think hate thoughts, I will imagine pushing you out of the driver’s seat and taking over….and I will resort to NOT SPEAKING to you for the rest of the dark long ride home at 11 something at night!

Okay, maybe I’m over-reacting!

We were all alone out in the middle of nowhere. As in, if we crashed or got stuck (we drive a Land Rover, to which I say…THANK YOU JESUS!) no one may find us for a very very long time. Which is ironic since we drove up on a dead cow under a tree while we were out there exploring!

The road in was fine and dandy. It had a few sketchy spots that jolted and shook us up. But, nothing compared to our journey out of the over 8000 foot area. N o t h i n g!

That blurry pic above of the cows? Yea, I’m not a terrible photographer….that is the result of snapping a photo while flying up in the carseat because of the ruts!

So, here we are crawling along trying to get down out of the mountain in the dark and the road is literally falling apart in front of our very old eyes. Every time we get through a rough spot, we happen upon a worse one. And put that on repeat. I looked at the clock and it was 9:00pm, in my head I thought that was no big deal we’d be back home safe by 9:30! Uhm, nope!

It was after 11pm!

My attitude was sour to the point of no return by then.

Moral of the story?

Don’t be like me. Be brave, take on new adventure. Let your hubby get a little lost here & there. Nobody’s gonna die.

Ok, they might. But look at all the things you’ll see right before heaven. Worth it.

I can be so ungrateful! Forgive me, I know it’s wrong to live in fear. Thank you for all the beauty YOU allowed me to see last night. And for protecting us.