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Oh yea, I’m thankful

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

I’m so THANKFUL to share a great blogger with you and her really awesome giveaway challenge! Go meet Susie.

I’ve been seeing posts on Facebook all week from friends sharing what they were thankful for. Everytime I read one….it sparks my own heart to the many blessings I have in my life. I’m seriously blessed! Even when adversity comes my way….I feel gratitude (whining about it sometimes too). I know that all things work to the glory of Him and I just have to be willing to LET HIM WORK! For that, I’m thankful!

I never mind sharing the things I’m thankful for.

My salvation. I know….one day, I’ll see His face. WoW!
My husband. Who on earth could love me….like him?
My son G. God went out of His way to pick the perfect kid. He’s a best all-around winner.
My daughter A. She’s a precious daughter and I see a forever fun relationship with her ahead. An angel.
My daughter G. She makes my heart melt. So many qualities to list. Caring. Loving. Sharing. Fun. Beautiful. Happy.
My family. Each one so unique and awesome!
My home. It’s a fun safe-haven! And my family is there to share it.
My pets. They can be more loyal than a human friend. And they always like you…even when you’re unlikeable! 😉
My friends. They make me see my weaknesses and I’m thankful they do.
My life. It’s not been a bed of roses but I’ve come out smelling sweet more so than not.
Who I am. While I recognize completely that I could be anyone else….I’m blessed to be me. Flaws and all!

What are you thankful for?