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The Greatest – I LOVE YOU

Friday, March 25th, 2016

Here on earth, the only place I’ve ever known….the words “I love you” contain a significant meaning. Not everyone uses them, some never hear them and other’s sling them around like confetti. For me, I’ve been lavished with love and I’ve heard those 3 special words a million times over and yet no “I love you” means nearly as much as the one given to me through the sacrifice of my King, Jesus Christ.

In my fear, Jesus’ death reminds me that this world is not my home and I have nothing to be afraid of today or ever. I will live in heaven with Him because of what He did for me on the cross.

In my filthiness, Jesus’ death assures me that I am clean, redeemed, forgiven and loved. Nothing I’ve ever done or could do can take away what His blood spilled for my sin accomplished.

In my shame, Jesus’ death empowers me to get back up from whatever dirty blackness I try to hide behind and live victoriously in HIS GOODNESS AND FORGIVENESS.

In my weakness, Jesus’ death gives me strength to look my enemy in the eye because I’m not alone, I don’t have to fight any giants and HE IS BIGGER THAN ANY OBSTACLE I can dream up.

In my brokenness, Jesus’ death puts me back together whole. Not only whole but even better than I ever was because His power is unlike any other.

In my selfishness, Jesus’ death reminds me that I don’t have to envy or feel jealous of anyone or anything that this world has to offer. My life is overflowing with love, mercy, grace, blessings and more because He sees to it and knows exactly what I need and deserve. Every single day.

In my wickedness, Jesus’ death opens my heart to see goodness that doesn’t come naturally to me and boosts my spirit to be one that is blameless and pure. Even when my flesh cries out to be horrible and unkind, Jesus gives me perspective to be more like Him.

The greatest I LOVE YOU ever spoken was painstakingly breathed out when Jesus Christ, the Son of God….beaten, humiliated and rejected by His very people died on the Cross for you & for me.

jesus I love you

It’s Friday….but Sunday’s coming. Do you know HIM?