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It’s Not Been a Holy Week

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

I’m sensitive about my faith. Don’t misunderstand. I’m not ashamed of it, I’m quite the opposite. I’m barreled over with pride and love regarding the One True God. See, my faith lies squarely on the shoulders of one man: JESUS CHRIST! Because of Him; I am forgiven, I am held and I am free. I’m assured of my eternity because of what He’s done for me.

He is my Redeemer, my Hope and my King.

I have felt many emotions over this last week and none of them have been holy. I’ve been embarrassed, I’ve felt angry and frustrated….I’ve even battled a ticked-off neck stiffening headache. Most of all, my heart has ached for the entire ugly scene going down in Indiana.

Did I mention….it’s Holy Week?

holy week

I’m smart enough to know that’s how satan works. He distracts, he frustrates and he torments right where he knows we are weakest. For me, my faith is a soft spot. I don’t like it when someone disses my beliefs or my God. I find it insulting when someone attacks my faith and tries to smear the name of Jesus Christ.

I guess you could say….I’ve felt a giant case of righteous indignation.

It’s Maundy Thursday and while studying up on the events of Jesus on this day, I felt a sense of relief. All the hoopla going on over Senate Bill 568 in Indiana is nothing more than a distraction. Yes, a distraction. Satan knows how to twist and connive better than anyone. How better to stir the pot of disagreement than to make the fight about believers vs. gays?

Isn’t he crafty?

How sad it is though that so many believe that it is. Indiana has taken a beating and it will not be going away anytime soon.

My opinion doesn’t matter whether or not this bill is a good one, but my attitude surely does. As does my heart. The night before Jesus was crucified, He held The Last Supper. During that meal, Judas quietly slipped out to do the ultimate in betrayal. Jesus knew all along that He would be betrayed by someone He loved. He continued on, in love…doing what He knew needed to be done. His lesson for us to love and show honor for one another with TRUE HUMILITY even when faced with sure betrayal is one I really needed reminding of.

Who am I to feel so danged angry?

I don’t want to fight about who can eat where and who will be turned away. I want to love, serve and know that because of ME someone else felt the love of Christ. If that’s not the gospel of my life….then I need to rethink my faith.

Do THIS in remembrance of me….

Sunday’s coming!

Just Do It

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

I’ve had a very interesting discussion with my son tonight.  After a little rant (me venting my frustration) about a certain high school student NOT doing class assingments, he explained to me her thinking.  Which is good, I suppose.  Because, otherwise I envision laziness and irresponsibility to be the problem and that makes me crazy mad!

I’m driven, hardworking and obnoxiously anal about EVERYTHING!!  Can you tell?

I suffer from a sick inability to ‘loosen up and let live’ around my house.  I wish for my people to be the best they can be and if they’re slacking…..I feel success slipping away and I hate it!  I guess it’s all psychological for me.  I wasn’t allowed to be lazy or neglectful and  I was scared of consequences.

I wanted to please.  I still do.

I don’t think I’ll ever understand the ADD mind.  No matter how long I’m surrounded by them….I’m just not wired to get it.  Luckily for them (and me) God doesn’t need me to understand it.  That’s not my job.

For such a time as this…..He has placed these people in my life and trusted me with their hearts.  What I do with them is up to me.  So, instead of beating them up with my frustration and harsh words–I think I’ll choose to BUILD THEM UP & REMIND THEM JUST HOW AWESOME/UNIQUE THEY ARE!

Just the way GOD made them to be.


I’m sorry for the pressure I put on my loved ones.  Help me to focus on what is most important, YOU!


Excuse me while I kick & scream!

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Do you ever have those days? You know. The ones that make you just want to scream? Yea, me too. I had one yesterday. I really wanted to scream. I used to work at a high school in another town not far from where I live now. I learned of a great stress outlet while there. The librarian had a few boxes that she would hang on to in the back storage room. We couldn’t just scream when we were feeling frustrated at school… she reserved these boxes for kicking! 🙂

And man……did we go kicking! It was good therapy! Free too!

Funny, huh? But a fantastic idea! One that I definitely took advantage of! I didn’t have to do it very often….but it was there if I needed it. I just stumbled onto something else that might help if you ever need an outlet. A screaming pillow! Who woulda thunk it?

I’m considering this as a gift giving idea!

Sometimes, life is just hard and all you want to do is kick or scream!

Dear Lord,
Thank you that I can vent my feelings of frustration freely. Help me to do it in a way that is healthy and honoring to you. I don’t want to be some crazy out of control nutjob. I just want to feel peace. Peace that comes from knowing I belong to a Mighty Savior named Jesus!