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Book Crazy

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

I’m one of those people who bites off more than she can chew. In everyway. Especially when it comes to books. I see one that interests me and I grab it. Before you know it, I’m stacked up with stuff to read and no time free to actually do the reading. Typical, right? Tell do it too?

I’m stuck in the middle of Heaven Is For Real by Todd Burpo right now. I started it about two weeks ago and just haven’t had time to sit around and read. It’s a fairly quick read, so I hope to finish it up in the next day or so. I’m loving Todd’s story of his little boy and what happens in a time of grave illness. If you haven’t read it, get it. I wouldn’t call myself a sceptic of death to life experiences but I would say I’m cautious. The story is really heartwarming and reminds me God works in His own way.

Back in July, hubby bought me Laura Ingraham’s book, Of Thee I Zing. I’d been scanning the internet hoping to find a giveaway of it (cause I’m super cheap like that). But the book was HOT and no one was hosting any giveaway’s yet. I’ve been plucking along with it, in little bite-sized portions. I love this lady’s humor. She is so funny and has a keen eye for the tacky that surrounds us. It’s a gift. I think she and I have way too much in common. We both tend to come off as a bit HARSH! πŸ˜‰

If you haven’t heard, Angie Smith has a new book. I pre-ordered it in hopes of diving right in when it was released from the presses. Well, it’s been a few weeks now and I haven’t even opened it yet. Yesterday, I found out that it was chosen for the newest BLOOM BOOK CLUB read over at (in)courage. I’m not a good candidate for the bookclub follow along gang. I’m definitely inspired to start reading What Women Fear. Also, if you’re looking to join the group or get the book at a great price please click over. (in)courage makes it easy to afford the book through a discounted price and offers scholarships. You can help with that too! Or buy it HERE on sale.

I have no excuse. Reading time is as important as I allow it to be. I hereby promise (to me & now to you) to get serious and finish these three books that I’ve talked about. It’s just a matter of doing it. Right?

What about you? Do you have stacks of books to read that you tell yourself you’re going to soon? If so, what’s on your list?


Friday, July 22nd, 2011

It might seem as though I’ve taken to advertising. My last two posts have been about stuff I love; good razors and an awesome magazine. Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those fancy blogs that gets contacted (darn it) by big companies to do rockin giveways (bummer)! It’s just little ole opinionated me. Sharing the love.

I’m a cheapskate kind of girl and love a good deal, on EVERYTHING! Just this morning, I spent 20 minutes bartering back and forth with a representative from my cable (highway flippin robbery) company! Don’t even tell me what you’re paying. I know without a shadow of a doubt–I’M PAYING MORE!!! It’s ridiculous!

I was on a mission to shave my rather large bill down to something I could say outloud and not hear gasps from listening ears (including my own). I also wanted to rid my home of some of the filth offered nightly on my family’s available channels. [Lyn] my representative was very understanding and began removing the fluff, all the while counting outloud each items price. I added them up to be around $47 dollars. When she finished and gave me my new bill it went down a whopping $20! Gasp! Really?

I laughed and mentioned that I’d be doing some cable shopping. Much to her shock, she offered to GIVE me a deal on my HD service for 3 months! Woohoo, right? That’s $7 dollars by the way. So, now my new savings is $27 dollars. How can you beat that, huh? Absurd! Did I mention that I was clear with Lyn that I needed to TRIM MY BILL down to something affordable? She felt I was getting a great deal. Seriously!

I’m still laughing. Another funny thing about this is when I told her I would be shopping (hello, I get better offers all the time in the mail from competitors) around for a bigger savings….she had the gall to tell me that THE OTHER OPPORTUNITIES WOULD BE FOR A LIMITED TIME!!! Haha! To which I mentioned to her that this was the exact same tactic her company had done to win our business in the first place! “Oh!” she exclaimed! πŸ˜‰

Everbody wants a deal, eh?

Aside from my cable woes, I’m on a book mission. I’m searching far and wide for the best deal (or a GIVEAWAY) on a new book I’m wishing for! Laura Ingraham is an amazing lady and I love her smart savvy sense of humor. Her newest book Of Thee I Zing is hot off the presses and I’m loving all the hoopla of it’s content. This lady and I think so much alike. I haven’t bought any books for my nook lately (saving money, remember) but I’m so close to just pushing BUY on my Barnes & Noble page. It’s not at my local library either in book form or ebook. They don’t rush to shelve the conservative stuff. Boo! So, I’ll wait…..patiently to read it.

In the meantime, I’d like to leave you with a few of my own zingers. Stuff that just bugs me about our society.

PAJAMAS–people wearing pj’s as clothes! Why do you wear your pj’s to the grocery store, shopping, around town and to school? They aren’t clothes! It’s TACKY, people!

TATTOOS–on TEENAGERS!! Seriously? How exactly does this idea come into play? Allowing (isn’t there a legal age?) a kid to permanently alter their body forever begs to question parental intelligence. Geez!

Let me know, if you get your hands on Laura’s book and read it. Also stay cool this weekend friends! It’s H O T out there!