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Who’s Running This Place?

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

I know I was all "up in a tizzy" yesterday about my old cable company and it probably wasn't the best place to air my frustration.  So, if you were wondering if I'd lost my ever loving mind….I didn't.  I was just bursting with frustration and writing it out really made me feel better.

Sometimes, just saying it outloud or writing your feelings down..helps.

Last night as I crawled into bed, I could hear a rumble/argument going on in the next room.  I tell people all the time that I didn't have FIGHTING kids, and I really didn't.  They got along well most of the time growing up.  Also, I didn't allow them to get into knock-down drag-out fights.  I tried to help them work out any differences and believe me, they had plenty of those.  Disagreements are just part of life!

So, instead of barging in on them….I let it go.  I could hear back & forth banter and some of it sounded pretty heated.  It took a lot of willpower not to intervene, especially when it escalated to cry-talking.  I didn't know who, just that the argument had managed to reach real emotions.

Which is what arguments are about anyway.  Real emotions that rear their ugly head and beg for release.  Everyone's not equipped to sit on them or stifle them down in a heart closet.  Sometimes….blurting them out and spilling them for the world to see is all you can do.  Like me, yesterday regarding the cable bill issue.

King David experienced a few blow ups during his lifetime.  In 2 Samuel 13, David's own son, Amnon, crossed the line when he pretended to be sick and raped his beautiful sister Tamar.  After he finished with her, he literally threw her out and locked the door.  Nice guy, huh?  When Absalom (Tamar's other brother) heard this he hated his brother Amnon.  Who wouldn't, right?

Absalom let it fester.  Don't we all?  He devised a plan to get him drunk and then ordered his men to kill Amnon.  The message delivered to the King was that all of his sons had been killed.  When his nephew, Jonadab spilled the truth about the rape and Absalom's hatred for Amnon….David flipped out!  He ripped his clothes (they do that a lot in the Bible, huh?) and fell down on the ground.

I imagine he was pretty overwhelmed.  Falling out and losing it seem to be a natural response to such horrific news.  As a mother, I can't help but think David was blaming himself.  Why did I?  Why didn't I?  All the crazy thoughts that go through a parents head.  David probably had them all.

Troubles come in life.  Bad things happen.  We're only human and while our issues may not be as terrible as David's….they're still issues.  It's up to us to handle them in a way that honors God.  I don't recommend blogging or posting on Facebook your anger (sorry y'all) when you're upset.  It doesn't solve anything and more than that…it only ignites more pain.  People get their feelings hurt.

This morning I asked about the argument.  Both gave general answers and seemed to have it worked out.  Just as I had hoped.  Reminding me….let go and let God!  He doesn't need me running everything!  HE IS IN CONTROL!