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Saying– I Do

Monday, October 17th, 2011

I saw this video over on Pensieve this morning and had to share it. It’s so sweet! I don’t know these two people…but I loved peeking into their special day! I can’t help but tear up when he sees her walking down the aisle. You might too!

Casey + Brandon from Fancy Rhino on Vimeo.

I’ve been praying for years that God would bless my children with loving Christian spouses. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve even gotten pretty detailed with my list of wishes. I don’t believe it’s selfish, because God is interested in our dreams! And He does know JUST WHAT WE NEED!

So, I’m trusting Him.

What about you? Do you pray for the ones your children will marry? For the relationships they will choose. What about the parents and lifestyle they are being raised in (right now)? Have you told God your dreams? It’s a gift for us to love our kids enough to smear them with God’s grace through our prayers.

Someday……we will hand them over to someone special in marriage. Why not share in that blessing?

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The Man I’d Marry Again

Friday, August 26th, 2011

When you’re young and in love….it’s not very likely that you put much thought into “the far off” future with that person. I know, I didn’t sit around dreaming of teaching my kids big deal stuff or mortgages and jobs. I was way too busy daydreaming of what my house might look like and if my husband would always think I was the hottest thing since cassette tapes in cars. Yea, I was very mature and balanced.

So, to you young unmarried folks…I have some advice for ya.

When choosing a (forever) spouse….

It’s very important that he have tons of patience.

Because he will need it. Often.

Especially if he has beautiful daughters…that act much like their mom.

But drive like…..who knows who. 😉

Because only he has the patience to teach your baby parallel parking.

As I watched out my window, the man I picked for me. I saw the man God picked for my kids (and me). The one who worked hard all day and hadn’t eaten. The one who probably hadn’t stopped thinking or doing all day. I saw the one I’d marry all over again.

I LOVE YOU, HONEY! You really are the best! XOXO

21 Years

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Already? My word. How does time fly by so quickly? It doesn’t seem possible. My life has been full of good times and not so good ones. But all along the trip…..he’s been by my side. Today is special to me in many ways (even when you have to go on and act normal all day by working, hauling kids and cooking dinner!). It’s the day that I CHOSE to walk down the aisle to marry the man who would live life with me. It’s the day I said yes. Yes to happiness, joy and even pain. It’s our day!


What’s in store……who knows, right? With us, it could be a doozy! 🙂

Dear God,

Thank you for the privilege of being a wife. Forgive me for the many ways I’ve fallen short at that gift. My heart’s desire is not just to learn to love YOU more….but to love my husband more, everyday! Help me to be the wife YOU want me to be. Bless my husband through me and the love that only I can give him.



I remember sitting in my car right after meeting you for the first time praying that God would allow me to have you as my wife! People thought I was crazy when I told them I was going to marry you the day after I met you but I just knew you were the one for me!

God has used you to be a blessing to my life in so many ways. Just knowing that you love me- of your own free choosing- still makes my heart race! (or is that just my walking up the stairs??? 🙂 I wish I could go back and start over– ONLY because I want an extra 21 years with you. Well, maybe there are some things I would do differently. . . Boy, if I had just learned the first time not to argue with PMS, the things I could have done with all that extra time!!

I feel extra special because a woman like you chose me.


I thank You for the blessing my wife has been to me. Thank You for giving my children a mother who cares for them and wants them to be a blessing to You. Thank You for 21 years with a woman who has walked beside me as a partner, a woman who has pushed me when I needed a push, a woman who has comforted me when I needed comfort, and most especially a woman who has loved You with her whole heart! Her stunning beauty is certainly an added bonus! Keep us close to You so that we may grow closer to each other.

In Jesus’ Name

Your Loving Husband,

Tiger….not always a winner!

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009


I have listened to the news….and seen his famous face plastered all over tv. His dirty laundry (and I’d say it’s pretty nasty) aired and shared for all the world to see. It’s heartbreaking! It’s devastating! Why would he do it? That is the question most of the world is asking. He seems to have it all, right?

Or does he?

For those of us who love and follow Jesus…..we see this lack of moral compass with hearts that hurt when someone falls short. It happens. People fail. They mess up! But for anyone in a committed marriage relationship…this can destroy! The Bible is clear regarding keeping the marriage bed pure! This one act can change the dynamics of a happy home in an instant.

It sickens me anytime I hear of it. Infidelity ruins lives. Satan pounces on every opportunity he can to wreck intact families. Tiger’s no exception. If he’s not a Christ follower…..he’s also not properly prepared for the battle. We all know that we must be fully armed for whatever attack comes our way. And they will come our way!

My prayer for Tiger Woods and his wife….is that someone will minister to them. Being wealthy beyond imagination cannot save a marriage and neither can fame. But meeting a Savior…..and finding the forgiveness that true repentance can bring can do more than just save a marriage. It can change eternity!

Tiger doesn’t need more judgement or scrutiny….he needs Jesus! He may win golf tournaments that pay him by the billions…..but his future is bleak if it doesn’t include God!

Great things come out of the most shameful and painful of circumstances. Let this be one of those times. Open the heart of Tiger and his wife…..surround them with your Holy Spirit and make the changes that they need. Pruning can be very painful….but you’re the master gardener! Snip away what doesn’t fit and make it just right.